About Bites and Sites Food Tours

Bites and Sites Food Tours is a small team with a shared vision for our town and our people. We love our Rainbow Nation and are passionate about sharing its flavours and its heart with visitors. We consider it a privilege to be part of this family.


The team who makes it all happen.

From 2010 until now:

Hanli Fourie

Explorer. Founder / product development

Ex-French-teacher-turned-tour-guide, I am fascinated by variety in cultures, colours, flavours. So I absolutely love the diversity in South Africa and my dream is to contribute to its bright future.

Simone Jacobs

Mrs Pro-Active. Operations manager and English/ German guide

Avid sports enthusiast and ultimate people's person. After spending time in Germany, I ventured into tourism 16 years years ago. Now while on tour I tell my guests it feels like 'This is my day off'.

Louise Smit

Artist. Tour guide

Coming from an arty background, I like to let my imagination run, picturing life in Stellenbosch through the centuries. Nothing makes me happier than to see my guests enjoying our time exploring.

Thembi Koli

Mover and shaker. Kayamandi team leader and guide

Style icon, self-proclaimed Diva and tireless ambassador for local tourism. Thembi is as inspirational as she is strong. Her honesty draws people in as she shares her life with visitors.

The late Mama Evelyn Swartbooi

Poster child for tourism in Kayamandi

Community leader / one of the cooks featured in award-winning book "Curry". Her food and smile got our red apron in newspapers, blogs, even on-air. Her legacy with us lives on through her children.

Vuyo Swartbooi

Singer. Kayamandi host / cook

Continuing in his mother's footsteps, Vuyo is an easy-going host and makes cooking seem effortless. He is an experienced chorister who always has a sparkle in his eyes. If only he would sing for us...

Jimmy Datini

Ceramist. Kayamandi entrepreneur / host

Working as a young cleaner in a pottery factory, Jimmy asked if he could have a go on the pottery wheel. It was a match made in heaven. He is a true artist and a natural teacher of both young and old.

Marlene Joubert

Sincere lover of words. Tour guide.

Although my roots will forever be in the wide plains of the Great Karoo region where I grew up, I have a special appreciation for the unique abundance of beauty, arts and culture of Stellenbosch.

Sapho Swartbooi

Fashionista. Kayamandi cook / hostess

Our millennial. Sapho first started cooking for our groups during her school holidays. She has a dazzling smile (spitting image of her granny), beautiful voice and will likely sing if you ask nicely.

Charles Muchineripi

Good guy. Kayamandi entrepreneur

Charles hails from Zimbabwe where he and his brother learnt to do soap stone carvings as children. Now an entrepreneur, he finds the time to source quaint, recycled gifts for our Kayamandi guests.

Juliana Rossouw

Historian. English / German tour guide

Stellenbosch is my "Alma Mater", my home town. Ex-remedial teacher, I decided to follow a new dream as guide: to share the history, people and food of my town with visitors from all around the world.