Responsible Tourism

Bites and Sites Food Tours is committed to applying Responsible Tourism practices on economic, social and environmental levels. We are constantly striving to improve on all fronts.

Economic Responsibility

  • Diverse team in terms of ethnicity and age
  • Offering guests fresh, local, seasonal produce
  • Partnering with family-run businesses / small enterprises
  • Supporting local artists and crafters on our tours and connecting them to our guests
  • Paying fair prices for goods and services
  • Linkages with other small, local businesses to pool skills and resources

Social Responsibility

  • Identifying community projects for improvements, e.g. the crèche we visit in Kayamandi
  • Being sensitive to acceptable activities and group sizes when visiting our communities
  • Encouraging guests to interact with local people and learn about local culture and traditions
  • Educating visitors about cultural heritage in town, e.g. history, architecture, outdoor art
Zenzele daycare

Environmental Responsibility

  • Supporting eateries who source food and beverages locally
  • Featuring tour partners who actively try to reduce carbon footprint e.g. through recycling
  • Focus on walking tours with minimal environmental impact