Bites and Sites Food Tours

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Foodies on Foot

R1450 pp

Send your taste buds on an adventure by savouring the handiwork of passionate food artisans whilst enjoying celebrated artworks in town.

TOUR DAYS: Mon – Sun: 10h00 – 13h30; Mon – Fri: 13h00 – 16h30
DURATION: 3.5  hours
START LOCATION: 47 Church Street, Central Stellenbosch


Please be sure to book your tour at least 48 hours/2 days in advance to ensure that our vendors have enough lead time to prepare for your unique Bites and Sites experience.

If you are unable to book 2 days in advance, feel free to contact us directly at

Booking Details


What you will experience

Exploring the heart of the town, we stop for a variety of sweet and savory tastings as well as a sit-down lunch. The focus is on sustainable practices which are used to create fresh products. The lunch platter is always packed with seasonal, locally sourced produce.

Whilst enjoying award-winning gin, enjoy the energy of small town life before being taken on a taste adventure paired with craft beer.

In addition to its international wine reputation, Stellenbosch is also home to curated, public art exhibitions. Your guide will give you an insider’s perspective on the fascinating art works that dot the historic streets.

  • Feast on a lunch platter filled with locally sourced goodies,
  • Sample, unique handcrafted beer with flavourful snacks,
  • Try top-quality cured beef (biltong) snacks,
  • Indulge in an award-winning gin tasting at an award-winning local restaurant,
  • Sip a liquid ‘dessert’ at an innovative coffee laboratory paired with a decadent sweet treat,
  • Discover outdoor art and inspiring artists,
  • Lactose, gluten free and vegetarian meal options are available.

Helpful tips

  • MEETING TIME: Your tour guide will greet you, come rain or shine, in her red apron 15 minutes before your tour starts, i.e.:
    • 09h45 for 10h00 tours,
    • 12h45 for 13h00 tours,
    • 13h45 for 14h00 tours.
  • DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: We can accommodate most dietary types on most of the tours, however, it is crucial to inform us of your required dietaries.
  • BEVERAGES: non-alcoholic refreshment options are available for every tour. Please don’t hesitate to inform your guide.
  • LANGUAGES: All tours are conducted in English, but feel free to contact us for German tours except for our Kayamandi Township tour, which is conducted in only English to accommodate our hosts.
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